• The manuscripts will be sent, by the corresponding or by the submitting author, to the email address of “Revista Universitara de Sociologie”: [email protected] , before the deadline of submitting articles (mentioned in the „Call for Papers” Section)

a) Stage 1: Editor assessment

  • Before the Peer Review Process, the Editorial Office is checking the correspondence of the manuscript with the Guidelines for Authors (if the paper conforms to the basic requirements of the journal, such as word count, language clarity, and format).
  • The quality of the paper is not assessed at this point.
  • If an article is not corresponding to the Guidelines of the Journal, it will be un-submitted and returned to author, in order to make the changes.
  • If, the article is not corresponding to the Aim &Scope of the Journal or if, after the second submission, the article is not corresponding to the Guidelines, it will be rejected and the author will be informed (‘desk reject’)
  • Only articles that are in correspondence with the Journal Guidelines will be send to peer-review.

 b) Stage 2: First round of Peer-Review

  • The text submitted for publication will be evaluated in Blind Review by two reviewers. The Reviewers also called ‘referees’ are independent experts in the field. These reviewers are asked to judge the validity, significance, and originality of the article.
  • In the review process, the following criteria are met:

– articles fit into the journal profile;
– the theme of the article is of interest;
– the author to bring elements of originality to the theme;
– the style of writing is scientific;
– the arguments have a clear and logical structure;
– the study design and methodology are appropriate;
– the conclusions are reliable, significant, and supported by the research.

  • The Reviewers are sending to the Editor the reviewer reports, as well as making their own assessment of the work, will inform the Editor about their decision.
  • The handling editor considers all the returned reviews before making an overall decision. If the reviews differ widely, the editor may invite an additional reviewer so as to get an extra opinion before making a decision.
  • Following the review, the editorial staff may take one of the following decisions:
    – publication of the article, informing the author in advance, by email (ACCEPTED);
    – resubmit author’s article for correction of potential editing issues (ACCEPTED, WITH MINOR REVISIONS);
    – rejection of the article if it does not meet the above criteria (REJECTED).
  • In the case of „Accepted with revisions” (minor or major). The reviewer reports will be shared the author with any additional guidance from the editor.

c) Stage 3: Revision and re-submission

  • In the case of „Accepted with revisions” (minor or major) The reviewer reports will be shared the author with any additional guidance from the editor.
  • The authors will amend their article based on the reviewers’ comments, resubmitting it with any or all changes made
  • After being resubmitted, the manuscris will be looked up by the editor, through the revisions.
  • It will be send for a second round of peer review, asking the reviewers to assess how the author responded to their comments.
  • The paper might be rejected if the editor thinks that the changes made are not adequate.

For any other information, please email to:
Universitary Journal of Sociology – [email protected]
Editor-in-chief: Gabriela MOTOI – [email protected]
Editorial Secretary: Vlad CIOACĂ  – [email protected]